MRWPMental Retardation Waiver Program (Medicaid waiver; Georgia)
MRWPMinimal Repair Warranty Policy
MRWPMaple Ridge Wilderness Program (Maple Ridge, BC, Canada)
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Before establishing the field experiment at MRWP, composite soil samples from the experimental site and DWB were air dried for 2 weeks; after drying, they were sieved through a 2-mm mesh and analysed for pH, electrical conductivity (EC), cation exchange capacity (CEC) and total and extractable plant nutrients and metals (Table 1).
The authors thank Mr William Rajendram, Mr Rodney Curtis and staff of the MRWP for the use of land and biosolids and their assistance with land preparation and installation of the sprinkler watering system at the Western Water Wastewater Purification centre Surbiton Park.
To effectively monitor the effects of land management activities, the MRWP used the paired-watershed approach.
The MRWP determined that the road building, timber harvesting, fire, and salvage harvest activities did impact the water quality of the disturbed watersheds.
The ANDB generated from MRWP and ADB produced from Barwon Water were transported to the two experimental sites.
Ryegrass was sown to 1 cm depth at a rate of 200 kg [ha.sup.-1] using 10 rows on each plot, on 7 and 12 June 2011 at the Lara and MRWP sites, respectively.
Total N was higher in the ANDB from MRWP, mainly due to higher organic N content.
Rainfall data for MRWP were obtained from Melton Meteorology Station No.
086282) for the MRWP site, and Avalon Airport (Station No.
In the experiment at MRWP and Lara, the recorded soil temperatures were below the optimum values (Fig.
In the current study, the soil moisture data measured at MRWP were significantly different (P = 0.05) from those at the Lara site.