MRWPCAMonterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency
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First, the undiluted recycled water (MRWPCA's tertiary effluent) was sampled on a weekly basis to determine the levels of salt present in it before blending with the supplemental well water supplied within the distribution system to meet peak irrigation demand.
On an annual basis, the MRWPCA water recycling facility provides 65% of the water delivered to growers in the area, and supplemental well water makes up the remaining 35%.
This soil-testing strategy has prevented any significant yield losses during the study (no significant yield losses have been reported to or observed by MRWPCA during the study).
Although MRWPCA has worked to reduce the levels of Na and Cl in the water delivered to growers, there has been accumulation of Cl and increased EC[sub.e] values in the soil profile that were not documented during the earlier study.
We acknowledge the support of MRWPCA personnel and growers within the MCWRP area as being critical to the success of this study.
The MRWPCA, in partnership with the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, would construct new GWR facilities within unincorporated areas of the Salinas Valley and within the cities of Salinas, Marina and Seaside.
Notes: A pre-proposal meeting will be held at 1:30 pm local time, Thursday, October 22, 2015 at Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency~s (MRWPCA) Regional Treatment Plant located off of Del Monte Blvd., north of Marina, CA 93933.