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MS-DOSMicrosoft Disk Operating System
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To access the games, users simply have to go to the Internet Archive's library of MS-DOS games, click on the desired game, copy the link to their tweets compose field and just press send.
USERS % OF USERS Windows 95 323 62.1 Windows 98 173 33.3 MS-DOS 162 31.2 Windows 3.1 55 10.6 Windows NT Server 36 6.9 Novell Server 35 6.7 Windows NT 22 4.2 UNIX 3 0.6 (Other) 12 2.3 TOTAL (821) - 520(*) 100% (* NOTE: The total number of users (N = 821) exceeds the total number of surveys compiled (N = 520), as many indicated more than one operating system/network Therefore, % of Users is based on the number of returned surveys (520), not 821) Analysis: 1.
Winnebago CIRC/CAT version 6.7 is a fully integrated circulation and online catalog program for MS-DOS computers It provides users with the following new capabilities:
The main operating system in use is MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System).
All current Macintosh computers can read from and write to MS-DOS and Windows disks.
Minimum Setup: If you are on a tight budget, you could get by with the following minimum setup: * an IBM[R] personal computer or clone (PC, XT, AT, PS/2 Model 25 or 30) or equivalent (any 8088-, 80286-, 80386-, 80486-based computer with Industry Standard expansion slots) * one 5.25" or 3.5" floppy disk drive * an available expansion slot in the computer * at least 640K of RAM * version 2.1 or higher of MS-DOS or equivalent.
Unfortunately, if your organization's PCs are running MS-DOS, you may be running toward a technological dead end.
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In fact, Gerstner and many industry analysts believe that groupware is the next big business application that will change the way companies do business--much in the same fashion that Microsoft changed the business and home computer markets with MS-DOS and Windows.
HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: IBM PC compatible (8088 to Pentium processor), 512KB RAM, hard drive 20MB minimum (2MB occupied by system), MS-DOS 3.2 or higher or Windows 3.1 (DOS-compatibility window).
LOS ANGELES--Activision Inc., has so much faith in the game play capabilities of Windows 95 that it is dropping MS-DOS, the platform currently favored by PC game developers.
What's more,images created in MS-DOS, Windows, or AutoCAD can now be embedded in machine setup sheets and displayed on the 14-in.