MS-FTMovimento Sociale-Fiamma Tricolore
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8I, red bars, 79 Ft-Ft, Ms-Ft, and Ss-Ft GC pairs, p = 1.17 x [10.sup.-6]; gray bars, 116 pairs from other GC groups, n.
9C, 76 GCs, main effect of cell type, p = 1.54 x [10.sup.-6], main effect of MFQ, p = 7.81 x [10.sup.-25], interaction, p = 0.001, two-way repeated measures ANOVA, paired t-test with Bonferroni correction) and the establishment of the noise correlation in Ft-Ft, Ms-Ft and Ss-Ft GC pairs (Fig.
The delayed correlation between Ms-Ft GC pairs and between Ss-Ft GC pairs may also be explained by electrical coupling.