MS-MSMass Spectrometric and Tandem Mass Spectrometric (disease detection technology)
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With 5 sec peaks, a MS-MS cycle time of 500 msec or less was sufficient to obtain 10 points across a peak.
Combining the high selectivity of MS-MS and the power of chromatography, co-eluting compounds were separated by the MRM transitions as shown with epi-boldinone and epi-testosterone in Figure 3.
The quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) MS-MS can be thought of as a gold standard for confirming screening results as it provides accurate mass measurements of both molecular and fragment ions.
Similarly, when operating in MS mode only, the 6220 TOF incorporates the same high-speed electronics and ADC TOF technology to deliver the same benefits as when operating in MS-MS mode.
Automated optimization of MS-MS parameters enables users to optimize hundreds of compounds without manual intervention.
The ACQUITY TQD takes the selectivity and robustness of tandem quadrupole MS-MS and combines it with the speed and sensitivity provided by UPLC technology to give chromatographers productivity advantages.
Using high-energy CID to augment fragmentation of analytes, the mass spectrometer maximizes its curved field reflectron technology to deliver MS-MS data without the need for post acceleration.