MS-MSMass Spectrometric and Tandem Mass Spectrometric (disease detection technology)
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Structural information including the retention time, precursor ions ([M+H]+/[M+Na]+), MS-MS product ions, and whether existing in each Pulicaria specie is summarized in Table-1.
17 min had very similar MS and MS-MS spectra as that of 3,5-DCQA (12) and 4,5-DCQA (13).
33 min had same MS and MS-MS spectra as that of luteolin.
With 5 sec peaks, a MS-MS cycle time of 500 msec or less was sufficient to obtain 10 points across a peak.
Combining the high selectivity of MS-MS and the power of chromatography, co-eluting compounds were separated by the MRM transitions as shown with epi-boldinone and epi-testosterone in Figure 3.
The quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) MS-MS can be thought of as a gold standard for confirming screening results as it provides accurate mass measurements of both molecular and fragment ions.
LC-Q-TOF MS-MS has the mass accuracy to be used for both screening and confirmation.
Similarly, when operating in MS mode only, the 6220 TOF incorporates the same high-speed electronics and ADC TOF technology to deliver the same benefits as when operating in MS-MS mode.
Using high-energy CID to augment fragmentation of analytes, the mass spectrometer maximizes its curved field reflectron technology to deliver MS-MS data without the need for post acceleration.