MS1Memory Space One
MS1Mobile Station One
MS1First-Year Medical Student
MS1Mission Specialist 1 (US NASA)
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The blanks for the experiment were made of the MS1 Maraging Steel by 3D printing.
Except for MS1, the median is skewed upwards, meaning more simulations occupy the third and fourth quartiles.
Efecto de los reguladores de crecimiento sobre el proceso de organogenesis en segmentos de bases de hojas de pina ecotipo Tabe Kana a los tres y siete meses de crecimiento Medio de Formacion de callo Promedio de raices cultivo (%) por explante Tres meses de crecimiento MS1 0 -- MS2 84 a 1,78 a MS3 10b 0,44 b Siete meses de crecimiento MS1 0 -- MS2 100 a 5,54 a MS3 90 a 1,40 b Medio de Promedio de brotes Indice de formacion cultivo por explante de brotes Tres meses de crecimiento MS1 -- -- MS2 3,43 a 3,13 MS3 0,79 b 0,71 Siete meses de crecimiento MS1 -- -- MS2 4,98 a 4,98 MS3 1,78 b 1,60 MS1: Medio sin sustancias de crecimiento; MS2: Medio con 5 mg x [L.
Los tratamientos MS1 y MS3 no mostraron diferencias estadisticamente significativas entre ellos, agrupandose juntos; estos tratamientos resultaron ser los que mayor biomasa produjeron, correspondiendo con las observaciones macroscopicas.
MS1 again provides an instructive comparison to the other singers.
This sequence shows how MS1 stated that it is easier for women to learn English than for men, because they are more willing and disciplined to study English than men (102).
Hence, the following 12 timber regions were studied in our analysis: AL1, AL2, AR1, FL2, GA1, GA2, LA1, MS1, MS2, NC2, SC2, and TX2.
In Figure 16, the labels MS1, MS2 (and so forth) refer to the melodic sections marked in Figure 14; the letters A and B refer to the rhythmic text (RT) lines and underlining shows that the melodic section is sung without accompanying clapping.
EOS also has new metal powders, such as MS1 maraging steel, which can be used to make tool inserts that are fully dense and need no post-processing, Tel: (248) 306-0143*www.
Kristin Hitchcock, MS1 Department of Preventive Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, III