MS1Memory Space One
MS1Mobile Station One
MS1First-Year Medical Student
MS1Mission Specialist 1 (US NASA)
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En El Manso se identifico el uso de al menos cinco fuentes diferentes: S1 (Sacanana 1), MS1 (Meseta de Somuncura 1), PC1 (Portada Covunco), PK (Paillakura) y QU/AP (Quilahuinto/Pocahullo) (Figura 2A).
Then, one set of permanently installed L-band radiosonde radar and one GPS sounding system (located next to the MS1) were applied in the atmospheric boundary layer soundings for a selected case study.
Two million MS1 cells and two million 4T1 cells were coated on different cell culture dishes, respectively.
In this section, the accuracies of PS, MS1, MS2, and MS3 are assessed by comparison with analytical solutions of Stokes flow past a sphere.
Based on the structured mesh models of samples B1, C1, MS1, and S6, the evolution mechanism of effective pressure is analyzed.
MSI), and an independent clinic system that was not acquired against an IDS that was not involved in an acquisition (MS1 vs.
However, the primary air-water front velocity [U.sub.1] is one order of magnitude larger than the velocity [U.sub.2] at every instant that this airwater front travels between MS1 and MS9.
Despite not having the test data, MS1 shows reasonable SEER correlation to the published nameplate.