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MSAAMultiple Sclerosis Association of America
MSAAMicrosoft Active Accessibility
MSAAMicrosoft Accessibility Api
MSAAMulti Sample anti Aliasing
MSAAMichigan State Auctioneers Association
MSAAMulti-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (computer graphics)
MSAAModulated Scattering Antenna Array
MSAAMaryland State's Attorneys' Association
MSAAMars Surface Anomaly Analysis Group
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The National MS Society and the MSAA pledged to work together on the most pressing need: to improve the quality and availability of information about primary-progressive MS.
The UWR and MSAA initiatives complement each other and have collaborated closely to build on one another's progress and success.
Prior to the MSAA initiative, the ITS JPO conducted a series of activities as building blocks aimed at improving delivery of services to the transportation disadvantaged:
The MSAA 2005 report, Mobility Services for All Americans Foundation Research Final Report, identified 23 major barriers that have led to unmet mobility needs (gaps) facing certain populations.
Negotiation is still underway to revise MSAA based on the capability of shareholders in settling their liabilities.
Change made in the MSAA concerns addition of assets or personal guarantee.
System Total Over debts Value Banks Holding over (Rp Company (Rp Company trillion) trillion) BCA PT Holdiko Perkasa MSAA 52.
The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) as fiscal agent, is acting on behalf of the MSAA
The MSAA in reading, writing, and mathematics will be administered beginning in
Also IBRA has signed MSAA & MRNIA with BBO shareholders as part of the efforts to recover BLBI fund.
The 9 banks signing the MSAA and MRNIA were responsible for Rp 109 trillion of the BLBI funds and they reportedly had received release and discharge document from IBRA.
The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) as fiscal agent, is acting on behalf of the MSAA Participating States in response to federal and state legislation and requesting proposals for activities related to the implementation, maintenance, and ongoing development of the criterionreferenced alternate assessment based on alternate achievement standards for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities, in continuation of work performed by the National Center and State Collaborative.