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MSACMorgan Stanley ABS Capital I, Inc. (New York, NY)
MSACMicrosoft Application Center
MSACMacdonald Stewart Art Centre (Canada)
MSACMountain State Athletic Conference (West Virginia)
MSACMelbourne Sports Aquatic Centre (Australia)
MSACMount San Antonio College (California)
MSACMedical School Admissions Committee (various schools)
MSACMedical and Scientific Advisory Council
MSACMidland Seventh-Day Adventist Church (Midland, TX)
MSACMission Special Agent in Charge (US Army)
MSACMedical Services Advisory Council (Australia)
MSACMarine Safety Advisory Council (Canada)
MSACMeridian Services Attendant Console (Nortel)
MSACMine Safety Appliances Company (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
MSACMobile Supervision and Control
MSACMember of Stonebridge Associated Colleges
MSACMorris-Sussex Area Council (New Jersey Boy Scouts)
MSACMinimum Security Activity Checklist (US DoD IT security)
MSACMasters of Science in Addiction Counseling (various schools)
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There are three advisory committees, each with distinct roles: the Prosthesis List Advisory Committee (PLAC), Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC), and Medical Service Advisory Committee (MSAC).
The MSAC, in partnership with the South African Cystic Fibrosis Association (SACFA), has revised and published the 5th edition of these guidelines, which comprehensively cover all aspects of CF diagnosis and management appropriate to the SA setting.
"The MSAC pathway is the most appropriate pathway to gain access to the MBS."
The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) advised the Minister for Health and Ageing on "evidence relating to safety, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of new and existing medical technologies and procedures, and under what circumstances public funding should be supported" (4).
Understanding them may contribute to determining the profile of these social actors, since values guide their behavior (Tamayo & Schwartz, 1993; Schwartz, 1994; Jesuino, Torres, & Teixeira, 2012; Torres, Porto, Vargas, & Fischer, 2015) and, as such, influence the position adopted in the MSAC deliberative processes.
After the matching process, the outliers are excluded from the corresponding points between the image pair using MSAC algorithm [15].
Dans Mariner 9 (2012), a l'origine une installation video HD a trois canaux, mais presentee comme une photographie panoramique au MSAC, l'avenir est envisage sous la forme d'une station spatiale martienne abandonnee.
The Australian Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC), the group that advises government on additional medical services nationally, has recently recommended a Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item number for nonmydriatic retinal photography in primary care settings, significantly improving the feasibility of this model of care in Australian communities [43].
Among the agreements under the MOU include the attendance and participation of the stakeholders in all Multi-Stakeholders Advisory Committee (MSAC) activities and regular meetings to assess the operations and ensure the dynamism of the components to the LGRC, designation of a permanent focal person, and mobilization of their resources to support information materials on exemplary practices in the delivery of their respective agency mandates.
And, minority graduates from schools accredited by the NCACS regional body were successful at a significantly higher rate than graduates from schools accredited by MSAC.
While brain storming on the answer to this question, we examined a graphic image that was developed at the June 2012 meeting of the Minister's Student Advisory Council (MSAC).