MSADMaine School Administrative District
MSADMicrosoft Active Directory (software)
MSADMicrosoft Active Directory
MSADMicrosoft Answer Desk
MSADMinnesota State Academy for the Deaf
MSADMicrogravity Science and Applications Division
MSADMassachusetts State Association of the Deaf, Inc.
MSADMechanical Safe and Arm Detonator
MSADMississippi Association of the Deaf
MSADMultiple Stand-Off Agent Detector
MSADMobilization Station Arrival Date
MSADMulti-Service Access Device
MSADMicrosoft Authorized Distributor
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Many Egyptians are unaware of the importance of the MSAD, because they don't deal with it directly.
17] These results led the CDRH to introduce and recommend the use of CTDI and MSAD in the Federal Performance Standard as the dose parameters specific to CT, because they are "related to the clinical conditions of use under which the dose is delivered.
The MSAD is the average dose at the center of a series of scans.
The school district, MSAD 9, has pockets of high-end technology mixed with some truly outdated hardware.
We hope that this process will create a vital program closely integrated with MSAD 9's existing curriculum.
A source within MSAD also said that the ministry will be supporting the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in launching a new ID card format.
Approach: The project supports MSAD and CAOA in modernising human resource management in the public sector:
RBM MSAD unit established in the Ministry of State of Administrative Development (MSAD).
Enhancement of MSAD South South cooperation strategy on e-Government.