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In the 2000s, however, an RCT of 2,500 infants found no benefit from orapharyngeal and nasopharyngeal suction, even with thick MSAF (Lancet.
Risk factors that may cause foetal distress which leads to MSAF include placental ageing due to post-dated pregnancy, IUGR, oligohydramnios, hypertensive disorder of pregnancy, gestational diabetes, & maternal drug abuse.
It means that MSAF is associated with a lot of adverse outcomes for the foetus and the mother.
2]) LAI2000 40,67 35,97 36,7 IAF-LUX 41,96 40,85 36,71 MSAF 36,16 42,38 38,43 CF 44,62 37,49 41,45 CF * 34,55 39,92 39,07 DL 44,65 37,52 41,78 Planta 1 DIF ** Metodo Q4 Total (%) ([m.
Although MAS is increased in nonvigorous infants born through MSAF, endotracheal suction does not seem to reduce MAS.
42) John Sword (1892-1960) announced the closure of MSAF from 29 September 1934 because of sustained losses and conflicting business interests, but his commitment was such that he retained an aircraft for ambulance flights until a new operator could take up the service.
MSAF started as a pilot program in 2004 to raise self-awareness and guide skill improvement for Army leaders.
Inclusion criteria included birth through MSAF, [is greater than or equal to] 37 weeks' gestation, and apparent vigor of the child 10 to 15 seconds after birth as defined by a heart rate [is greater than] 100 beats per minute, reasonable tone, and spontaneous respirations.
We plan to work closely with MSAF to realize this opportunity," said Jim King, vice president of technology strategy of LEXIS-NEXIS.
25) The goal of the MSAF is to develop "competent, confident and agile leaders.
MSAF has the potential to develop an officer more than any other tool I have seen.