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Ministry s permanent secretary Francis Kean said the deferment is to allow thorough vetting of the 35 requisite regulations by the Office of the Solicitor General in close consultation with MSAF technical expertise.
Obstetric complications Number Number Obstetric (Percentage) (Percentage) Complications N = 149 N = 10390 HBsAg Positive Non HBsAg Positive PIH 16 (10.74%) 1995 (19.2%) PROM 11 (7.38%) 663 (6.38%) MSAF 8 (5.37%) 90 (0.87%) Anaemia 8 (5.37%) 2432 (23.41%) IUFD 4 (2.68%) 50 (0.48)
This was key issue discussed at the MSAF Stakeholder Draft Regulations Workshop heldrecently to look at the contribution by the various stakeholders in strengthening the work carried out by the authority.
Platt and Colleagues studied 136 pregnancies for the presence or absence of breathing before delivery.(5) Neonate with MSAF had antenatal BPP score was < 6, where repeat testing should be done in next 4-6 hrs.
MSAF chief executive officer, Mr Neale Slack said the lighthouse, commonly known by mariners as North Ovalau is now installed with the latest self contained solar LED marine lantern at a cost of $142,290.00
MAS is frequently associated with fetal hypoxia which promotes meconium discharge in amniotic fluid, gasping and aspiration of MSAF, and also changes in the vascular muscular media of pulmonary arteries of the fetus (3,4) MSAF is found in 7 to 20% of pregnancies at the time of delivery (5,6,7)
* Controversies still exit regarding appropriate management of mother and delivery room management of MSAF.
In present study 28% cases of study group had MSAF while none in control group had MSAF which is highly significant.
INTRODUCTION: Meconium staining of amniotic fluid (MSAF) has for long been considered to be a poor predictor of fetal outcome (1).
Neonates born through MSAF are at risk of respiratory and neurodevelopment morbidity and mortality, and longer hospitalization.
One such attribute is meconium stained amniotic fluid (MSAF) which complicates delivery in approximately 8% to 15% of live births (3).
The Minister visited seven projects which included the Natovi Jetty MSAF office, Namau water supply scheme, Namata village access road upgrade, Kiuva-Kaba Peninsular road upgrade, Kiuva-Kaba Peninsular water project, Kaba wind monitoring station and the Sawakasa 1, Lodoni, Dakuinuku villages and Lodoni Primary School, Waivou settlement rural water scheme.