MSAIMalaysian Society of Allergy and Immunology
MSAIMobile Standard Alliance of India
MSAIMigrant Savings for Alternative Investments
MSAIMember of the Society of Architectural Illustration (UK)
MSAIMessenger Service Association of Illinois (Chicago, IL)
MSAIMyocardial Stress Adaptation Index (cardiology)
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(80.) Cameron and Quinn, "Management Skills Assessment Instrument, MSAI," in Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture, Appendix B, 163.
While it is currently available for Android smartphones, the MSAI team is developing a version for iOS as well as for other mobile OS platforms.
The contract is recruitment, organization and implementation of training in the form of instructional workshops on the implementation of the model standard active inclusion, hereinafter referred to as msai by social welfare institutions for the 200 employees of public institutions of social assistance and social integration in the framework of the system project entitled.
Unable to rehabilitate in their new surroundings, the Msai are routinely hired by poachers.
The researchers also tried to find out if elephants could decipher the threat in the voices of Msai women, who rarely hunt and found that the animals bunched together defensively or retreated when they heard the male voices, but rarely budged when they heard a woman.
PLUS SAYS: One of Africa's greatest wildlife reserves, Msai Mara is situated in southwest Kenya and is famous for its big cats.
140 kilometres (87 mi) South of the capital city Nairobi, Amboseli National Park is the second most popular national park in Kenya after Msai Mara National Reserve and the visit can easily be done in a weekend.
During an initial two-week trip, she befriended a Msai chief called Winston, who told her that women couldn't become warriors because they weren't brave or strong enough to do what men could do.
While I know that a Msai woman in Kenya is accepted as beautiful with a bald head, I am also aware of the negative religious connotations associated with dreadlocks in Nigeria.
Sonyanga Olengais (centre), captain of the Msai Cricket Warriors, and his teammate Thomas Takare run between the wickets during their exhibition Twenty20 cricket match against the Ambassadors of Cricket from India, in Ol Pejeta conservancy in Laikipia National Park, Kenya.
A production of Disneynature, a film label of The Walt Disney Company, it was filmed on the Msai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.
From July to october, about two million animals follow the rains, migrating from Tanzania's serengeti national Park to the msai mara national reserve in Kenya.