MSALMicrosoft Authentication Library (Microsoft Azure Active Directory)
MSALModern South Arabian Languages
MSALMinimum Standards for Academic Levels (Australia)
MSALMEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) Sensors and Actuators Lab (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; University of Maryland)
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fields, lauding MSAL effective role through its departments concerned with
The extensive range of such sites along the South Arabian coast from Wadi Masila to northern Oman clearly suggests that local populations constructed these enigmatic monuments--perhaps to be identified with contemporary MSAL speakers (Zarins 1997: 639-42; 2001: fig.
Note his use of MSAL terms such as carfiathum (khorf) and dathiatum (dotha) (Al-Shahri 2000: 147).
They are probably an expression of ancestral MSAL settlements and associated tombfields, perhaps also associated with the formal settlements on the nearby promontories between A.
The 1987 managerial salary regression results are as follows (standard errors in parentheses): In MSAL = 9.
programs, the papers submitted to Legal English Section by MSAL students
which 34 were from MSAL students and 5 were from Russian regional
Ben Walsh, Managing Director and Pacific Market leader, said, Sue not only brings a high level of commercial acumen, strategic thinking and leadership to the MSAL Board, she is a leading advocate for digital transformation, social media and innovation, which is so critical to success in today s business environment, particularly superannuation.
Today, the MSAL is the biggest and most famous Law University within the territory of the former Soviet Union.
The Kutafin University Law Review (KULawR) was established by the MSAL in 2014 as an editorial project aimed to spread legal knowledge generated by leading Russian scholars all over the world.
Within the confines of MSAL, well-known scholars and legal practitioners were discussing the issues associated with the institution of the Judicial Branch in modern states in an attempt to find some ways of resolving those issues.
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