MSAMMaster of Shuddha Ayurveda Medicine (India)
MSAMMicrosoft Screen Access Model
MSAMMessaging Service Access Module
MSAMMetaframe Secure Access Manager
MSAMMorgan Stanley Asset Management (various locations)
MSAMMetaFrame Secure Access Manager (Citrix)
MSAMMedium Scale Anisotropy Measurement
MSAMMicrocomputer Spectrum Analysis Models
MSAMMicromodule-Size Security Access Module (Verifone)
MSAMMulti-Sequential Access Method
MSAMMajor System Acquisition Manual
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Prior to adoption of the formal SOPs, MSAM, OCPM, the ministries of justice and foreign affairs, international organizations, and NGOs developed a system to assist, repatriate, and reintegrate victims of child trafficking.
In July 2017, MSAM launched a public awareness campaign, in partnership with an international organization, which highlighted potential exploitation within Benin's main open-air markets (Dantokpa in Cotonou, Ouando in Porto-Novo, and Arzeke in Parakou).
Caption: The three components of the MSAM, from the left the fire control centre, the X-band radar and the launcher which houses eight KM-SAM missiles.
Dessa forma, em geral, infere-se que o MSLM obteve o melhor ajuste, seguido do MSAM, enquanto o primeiro e quarto modelos (MAVP e MBLA) foram os piores, tendo os menores [R.sup.2] aj e valor F e os maiores Syx e Syx (%).
Modelo Equacoes [R.sup.2] aj Syx MAVP RP = -0,86 + 2,29 ** 0,57 0,239 Ds - 1,25 ** Ug MSAM RP = -0,34 * + 0,91 0,59 0,232 ** [Ds.sup.2] + 0,03 ** [Ug.sup.-2] MSLM Ln RP = -1,11 ** + 0,61 0,228 0,64 ** [Ds.sup.-2] + 0,14 ** [Ug.sup.-1] MBLA Ln RP = -0,60 0,59 0,232 ** - 0,43 ** Ln Ug + 1,95 ** Ln Ds Modelo Syx (%) Valor F N MAVP 17,5 121,8 186 MSAM 17,0 135,1 186 MSLM 16,7 143,8 186 MBLA 17,0 134,9 186 Em que: * significativo a 5 %; ** significativo a 1 %; [R.sup.2] aj: coeficiente de determinacao ajustado; Syx: erro padrao da estimativa em MPa; N: numero de repeticoes; MAVP: Modelo Aritmetico com Variaveis Puras; MSAM: Modelo por stepwise Aritmetico com Variaveis Mistas; MSLM: Modelo por stepwise Logaritmico com variaveis mistas; MBLA: Modelo de Busccher (1990) Linearizado e Adaptado.
"With these new features, the T-BERD/MTS-6000A MSAM saves time and simplifies testing for government, aerospace and defense customers that require highly accurate tools that can address a wide range of protocols."
The T-BERD/MTS-6000A MSAM is the industry's most compact multi-function tester.
The MSam was listed in the handlist of Sanskrit manuscripts written by V.
The MSam is mostly written in verses, mainly anustubh but also upajati, indravajra, arya, etc.
Garzilli 1995 and 1996), like the MSam. Differently from the MSam, the Sivasutras do not teach any ritual or yogic practices, do not contain mantras, and do not contain descriptions: they hint at a spiritual path in several stages and need commentary to be rationally understood; they need living practice to be understood and experienced from a religious point of view.
He adds that MSAM detected these puzzling emissions only at the two longest far-infrared wavelengths in the survey -- 1.1 and 1.8 millimeters.