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MSAPManaged Services Accreditation Program
MSAPMac Service Access Point
MSAPMulti Service Access Platform
MSAPMAC (Media Access Control) Service Access Point
MSAPMagnet Schools Assistance Program
MSAPManagement Skills Assessment Program
MSAPMethylation-Sensitive Amplification Polymorphism
MSAPManagement Service Access Point (ATMF)
MSAPMasonic Student Assistance Program
MSAPMedical Students' Aid Project
MSAPMaster of Science in Applied Physics
MSAPMulti-Services Access Platform
MSAPMoral Self-Assessment Protocol
MSAPMobile Source Air Pollution
MSAPMulti-mission System Architecture Platform (NASA)
MSAPMulti Sensor Attribute Processor
MSAPMaintenance System Advisory Panel
MSAPMulti-Service Adaptation Platform (Fore Systems)
MSAPMontgomery Student Assistance Program (Montgomery County, MD)
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According to power analysis based on the prediction of 30% necrosis in MSAP and estimated reduction of risk of 10% with LMWH, we calculated that 100 patients would be adequate to detect a significant difference between the groups.
Concerning the lack of clearly described anatomy, microsurgeons have been avoiding using the MSAP flap.[6,7]
2011 MAP MSAP SAP ABP (n, %) 79 (55.6) 33 (9.3) 14 (30.0) HTGP (n, %) 23 (16.2) 13 (19.4) 7 (26.7) Alcoholic pancreatitis (n, %) 11 (7.7) 4 (6.0) 3 (6.7) Other AP (n, %) 29 (20.4) 17 (25.4) 11 (36.7) 2016 MAP MSAP SAP ABP (n, %) 110 (42.8) 84 (45.7) 7 (31.8) HTGP (n, %) 62 (24.1) 49 (26.6) 11 (50.0) Alcoholic pancreatitis (n, %) 16 (6.2) 3 (1.6) 0 (0.0) Other AP (n, %) 69 (26.8) 48 (26.1) 4 (18.2) Severity of acute pancreatitis according to etiology distribution.
The number of patients with MAP, MSAP, and SAP were 187, 38, and 12, respectively (78.90%, 16.03%, and 5.06%).
The procedure of MSAP technique containing a four-step process: DNA digestion, adapter ligation, pre-amplification, and selective amplification.
MSAP is a improved method of the AFLP fingerprinting technique (Vos et al., 1995).
According to the clustering results using the MSAP method, the following conclusions can be drawn.
KARACHI -- Raja Hassan Fayyaz of Fast National University won the inaugural Maju Inter University Chess Championship, Mind Sports Association of Pakistan (MSAP) announced on Sunday.
Olfactory testing is useful to differentiate PD from atypical Parkinsonism such as MSAP, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), or Corticobasal Syndrome (CBS) as olfaction is usually preserved or mildly affected in these syndromes [19].
The onomasiological structure is then linguistically expressed at the onomatological level by means of the Morpheme-to-Seme-Assignment Principle (MSAP).
The event is being staged by Mind Sports Association of Pakistan (MSAP) in collaboration with Pakistan Chess Players Association.
PCPA will conduct the championship with the active support of Mind Sports Association of Pakistan (MSAP), Tariq Rasheed Khan announced on Tuesday.