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MSARMacau Special Administrative Region
MSARMedical School Admissions Requirements
MSARMaximum State Aid Rate (New York)
MSARMalibu Search and Rescue (Malibu, CA)
MSARMaryland Search and Rescue (Columbia, MD)
MSARMagnetic Storage And Retrieval
MSARMicrowave Spectrometer and Radiometer (Cassinia Plasma Spectrometer)
MSARMilitary Search And Rescue
MSARMaster Safety Analysis Report
MSARMine Safety Appliance Research
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Gankhuyag, Yuan Hong, Deputy Representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the MSAR and other officials of the two sides.
The contract extensions ensure continuity and on-going support from AkzoNobel for the commercialisation of MSAR projects globally, and will now run until at least November 2018.
The legislature was replete with pro-Beijing politicians obliged to support the political leadership of the MSAR government.
MSAR is a direct low cost substitute for conventional heavy fuel oil (HFO) used in marine diesel engines, and for thermal power and steam generation.
Under the terms of the Basic Law promulgated before the return of sovereignty to China in 1999, Portuguese was designated as an official language of the MSAR.
MSAR emulsion was co-combusted with natural gas to produce a steam/CO2 product gas that was then used to drive a turbine to produce power.
These reporting requirements apply to all legal entities supervised by the regulatory agencies of the MSAR, including pawnbrokers, antique dealers, art dealers, jewelers, and real estate agents.
The parameters associated with the MSAR model are [?
Loral's goal for the MSAR is a 45-lb package which will occupy less than a cubic foot for unmanned vehicle applications.
The MSAR government has extended deals with three firms for the supply of vaccines to the Health Bureau until 2018.