MSARFMedical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship
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The BE traffic for light loads in UDBA in Figure 4 shows almost similar delay compared to MSARF and CPBA-SLA.
Since MSARF and CPBA-SLA use FIFO queuing that involves no traffic priority in inter-ONU level, it is expected to have less light load punishment.
This is the reason why at high loads UDBA outperforms MSARF and CPBA-SLA in terms of BE delay.
Overall, it can be observed that UDBA algorithm has higher throughput as high as 10% compared to MSARF algorithm and as high as 6% compared to CPBA-SLA algorithm.
The fairness index versus offered load of UDBA, MSARF, and CPBA-SLA is shown in Figure 6 for various traffic conditions as has been conducted previously.