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MSASMultiple Shadow Address Space
MSASMicrosoft Server Active Sync
MSASMcafee Security Alerting Service
MSASMobility Support Advisory Squadron (US Air Force)
MSASMicrosoft AntiSpyware
MSASMinisterio de Sanidad Y Asistencia Social (Venezuela)
MSASMTSAT Satellite-based Augmentation System (Japan)
MSASMaster of Science in Administrative Studies
MSASMedia State Aggregation Service (Microsoft)
MSASMultimission Spacecraft Analysis Subsystem (US NASA)
MSASMarine Spill Analysis System
MSASMilitary Simulation Assessment System
MSASMcGregor Swire Air Services
MSASMicrowave Signature Acquisition System
MSASMulti-Sensor Analysis System
MSASManchester Students Against Sweatshops
MSASMulti-Service Access Server (Eastern Research)
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When FPAs do successfully cater to this market, it will be via high-performing MSAs delivering GEO HTS capacity.
I am pleased with the progress attained this past fiscal year, RL Manager Doug Shoop wrote in a letter to MSA accompanying the scorecard.
Previously observed decreases in firearm homicide rates have not continued, with more recent rates showing an increase both nationally and in large MSAs considered collectively.
Comparisons across MSAs are usually based on real per capita variables that are adjusted by a nationwide price index.
In MSAs with relatively lower per-unit housing costs, consumers are able to buy or rent larger housing units while, overall, devoting a relatively smaller proportion of their income to housing.
The pace/magnitude of the housing boom/bust was far from identical for all MSAs. (2) For example, the peak level for some MSAs was significantly higher/lower than the national HPI's peak.
To calculate the effects of manufacturing employment losses on a number of economic outcomes within the MSAs, Schweitzer (2017) conducts a regression analysis.
Section III examines affordability for median households, using median rent and income to identify factors explaining variation in rental housing affordability across MSAs and changes in affordability over time.
MSAS air advisors study the history, culture and languages of their partner nations--enhancing their ability to relate and communicate with partner nations' airmen.
Over the next one month, the company plans to start Excelyte treatments under these newly executed MSAs on an initial battery of eight wells in the Texas Permian region and an initial battery of eight wells in the New Mexico Permian.
riskiest MSAs in October are Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL, and MiamiFort
MSU is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, US, which ensures that the MSAS programme, along with other university programmes, meets standards for excellence in higher education.