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MSATMaster of Science in Athletic Training (various schools)
MSATMobile Satellite
MSATMobile Source Air Toxics
MSATMicrosoft Security Assessment Tool
MSATMaster of Science in Accounting and Taxation (various schools)
MSATMultiple Subjects Assessment for Teachers
MSATMaster of Science in Applied Technology (various schools)
MSATMedical School Admissions Test
MSATMarin School of Arts and Technology
MSATMulti-Sectoral Action Team (Cape Town, South Africa)
MSATMedicare Set-Aside Trust (health law)
MSATMedical Situational Awareness in the Theater (US Department of Defense)
MSATMulti-Purpose Supporting Arms Trainer
MSATMulti-Station Assessment Tasks (Australia)
MSATMathematics, Science, and Technology Education
MSATMinnesota Scholastic Aptitude Test
MSATManagerial Self-Assessment Tool
MSATMulti-Sensor Aided Targeting
MSATMulti Sensor Aerial Triangulation
MSATMasonic Student Assistance Training (New York)
MSATModified Sequential Acquisition Technique
MSATMulti-Sensor Acquisition and Targeting
MSATMobile System Analysis Tool
MSATMaintenance Support Analysis Team
MSATManufacturing Sciences and Technology
MSATMandatory Sit Around Time
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One of the most ambitious proposals for MSAT service has been put forth by Los Angeles-based Omninet.
MAT (Microscopic Agglutination Test) was performed on all MSAT positive samples to determine the predominant serovar.
Each MSAT satellite employs a pair of 6 by 5 m elliptical reflectors to concentrate coverage over North America, as shown in Figure 2.
Following the successful launch of the broadcast specification Mantis MSAT earlier this year, the motorised MSAT adds the option of a 120cm reflector and also offers improved data throughput rates of up to 10Mbps, making it the ideal system for a first on scene broadcast uplink.
Full support for two-way video, voice and data communications is offered by MSAT, which is designed to be carried and deployed by one person for satellite news gathering in challenging environments.
The Motorised Mantis MSAT is a lightweight, satellite terminal that can be set up anywhere to provide secure and non-secure data and video transmission in as little as five minutes.
Medical encounter data from theater accessed through MSAT and TMDS
The MSAT encourages residents and visitors to explore the variety of styles that Missoula has to offer.
MSAT is a simple and quick screening test to detect leptospira genus--specific antibodies in human sera.
Los fallecidos se clasificaron en dos subgrupos, MCAT y MSAT (Muerto con o sin actividad tumoral respectivamente), segun la ultima nota medica del control mas cercano a la fecha del deceso.
MSAT was performed by adding one drop of patient serum and one drop of polyvalent antigen together.
It has been noted that the relation between forecasted and observed disease cases by MSAT measured in terms of Pearson's coefficient (r) has been found to be statistically significant (p < 0.