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MSATMaster of Science in Athletic Training (various schools)
MSATMobile Satellite
MSATMobile Source Air Toxics
MSATMicrosoft Security Assessment Tool
MSATMaster of Science in Accounting and Taxation (various schools)
MSATMultiple Subjects Assessment for Teachers
MSATMaster of Science in Applied Technology (various schools)
MSATMedical School Admissions Test
MSATMarin School of Arts and Technology
MSATMulti-Sectoral Action Team (Cape Town, South Africa)
MSATMedicare Set-Aside Trust (health law)
MSATMedical Situational Awareness in the Theater (US Department of Defense)
MSATMulti-Purpose Supporting Arms Trainer
MSATMulti-Station Assessment Tasks (Australia)
MSATMunicipal Systems Action Team (Connecticut)
MSATMathematics, Science, and Technology Education
MSATMinnesota Scholastic Aptitude Test
MSATManagerial Self-Assessment Tool
MSATMulti-Sensor Aided Targeting
MSATMasonic Student Assistance Training (New York)
MSATMulti Sensor Aerial Triangulation
MSATMulti-Sensor Acquisition and Targeting
MSATModified Sequential Acquisition Technique
MSATMobile System Analysis Tool
MSATMaintenance Support Analysis Team
MSATManufacturing Sciences and Technology
MSATMandatory Sit Around Time
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RESULTS: Among the 270 cases studied, 33 cases (17.9%) were reported positive for leptospirosis by the confirmatory serological test MAT and 35 cases (19.0%) were reported to be positive by screening test Macroscopic Slide Agglutination Test (MSAT).
Highest forecast accuracy was observed with the modified method with seasonal adjustment adjusting long-term cyclic trend (MSAT) followed by the method of seasonal adjustment with last three observations.
MSAT systems work with a "push-to-talk" technique like CB radios: hold up a microphone, push the button, talk, sign off, and then let go of the button and listen for the other person.
Weighing in at only 12.5 kilos, the Advent MSAT is specifically designed to be carried by one person and provides powerful functionality for applications such as secure military communications, special operations, disaster recovery, emergency services, first-on-scene broadcast and mining operations.
Male students in the sample seem significantly more likely to score higher on the math portion of the SAT given the positive correlation between GENDER and MSAT. Some slight negative correlation between GENDER and VSAT suggests that female students are more likely to score higher on the verbal section of the SAT, but this relationship is not statistically significant.
Also, air toxics emitted by mobile sources, known as MSAT (mobile source air toxics) are identified, including: benzene, 1,3-butadiene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein, naphthalene and diesel particulate matter (PM) (USEPA 2007).
Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) has developed a simulation tool called the Simulation Medical Data Server (SMDS) that provides simulated data to the mission command application used by the medical community during deployments, the Medical Situational Awareness in the Theater (MSAT) portal.
The parties, however, simply failed to provide in their settlement agreement for the contingency that the cost of funding the MSAT could exceed $83,936.17, and, accordingly, the trial court could not grant either party's request.
Bulgaria On Air TV is replacing MSAT, a long-standing cable TV formerly based in Varna whose headquarters was transferred to Sofia 6 years ago.
As a key component of the control system for light commercial rooftop air-conditioning units (RTUs), a measured manufacturer-installed supply air temperature (MSAT) sensor is widely used for sequencing control and performing embedded diagnostics.