MSATSMarket Settlement and Transfer Solution (Australia)
MSATSMine Safety and Training Section (Nevada)
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Therefore, to overcome the inadequacies of the VCal method for an MSAT sensor in RTUs, over 100 sets of pre-designed laboratory experiments were carefully conducted in the presence of faults (e.g., substantially enhanced SCFM degradation of 50%) covering a wider span of operation conditions.
To this end, the IVCal method for an MSAT sensor in RTU is a very promising case that could remarkably improve the energy management through better sequencing control in RTUs as well as enable and ensure better performance of automated FDD applications.
It was found that the IVCal method for an MSAT sensor in RTUs can be generated by using three parameters for any [N.sub.Hstage]: [SAT.sub.mfr,meas], OADst, and OAT.
In total, 96 heating experiments (56 for Hstage 1, 40 for Hstage 2) for assessment of developing IVCal of an MSAT sensor are performed in the testing RTU.
As predicted, those with tattoos (M = 32.94, SD = 12.57) scored significantly lower than those without tattoos (M = 44.09, SD = 16.13) on the MSATS, after accounting for significantly different variances between the groups t(1, 174.69) = 5.51 ,p < .001.
The Martin Stigma Against Tattoos Survey (MSATS) was developed to assess social stigma against tattoos.
The MSATS clearly demonstrates a wide array of attitudinal valence toward tattoos.
The MSATS should help to offer some insight in this field of research.
First of all, repositioning the MSAT sensor to the supply air duct could be very costly in a situation where all other installations of a system are completed.
As a result, many building operators either do not bother to relocate the MSAT sensor, which will cause unreliable discharge air control, or completely disable the MSAT sensor and the discharge air control function.
Instead of repositioning the MSAT sensor to the supply air duct or directly using the MSAT measurements, this article proposes an innovative virtual calibration method to solve the dilemma.
Then, a virtual calibration algorithm for the MSAT sensor is proposed based on lab data, and also the modeling and implementation procedures are summarized for easy-to-use implementation.