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MSAUMulti Station Access Unit
MSAUMulti-Station Access Unit
MSAUMallee Sexual Assault Unit (Australia)
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The decision to deploy MSAU elements typically results from a request from the chief of mission through the regional security officer (RSO) in response to security-related events at a post.
The MSAU works closely with the branch and post officials to meet requests in a timely manner, deploying as quickly as possible.
Requests can also come from the Department, as was the case for the first MSAU deployments, in September 2013.
Nicholas Comas, a program analyst with the DS MSG branch, said the deployment was "a great example of why MSAU was created.
Another MSAU squad recently completed a mission in Adana, Turkey, acting as an interim MSG detachment until the consulate completed preparations for a permanently assigned detachment.
The MSAU also deploys in support of its secondary mission: providing security during overseas visits of the president, vice president and Secretary of State.
Of course, MSAU's creators could have related these facts had they actually interviewed scholars such as Professor Madden.