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MSAWMinimum Safe Altitude Warning
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En-route radar facilities now offer the same MSAW functions as Terminal radars.
Before August 2006, [section] 2-1-6 of Order 7110.65 stated that if a TRACON had given control of an aircraft to one of its remote towers and the remote tower had MSAW alert capability, then the TRACON did not have to inform the remote tower controller if it observed an alert for that aircraft.
In 2006, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) identified a series of crashes in which controllers at every level either ignored MSAW alarms or permitted aircraft to fly into other aircraft or obstacles, such as mountains, by allowing the aircraft to descend below the minimum en route altitude for the area.
In the first case, the MSAW map was erroneously placed away from the mountain, so that there was no alarm.
Line controllers, the employees who watch the radar scopes, often are not aware that the MSAW system fails altogether if an aircraft's transponder occasionally drops three consecutive correct radar "hits" or "replies" to the airport radar.
The big 020 flashes with the MSAW and is the Mini mum IFR