MSAWPMigrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (U.S. law)
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At the federal level, the C/ MSAWP is carried out within the framework of the Immigration Refugee and Protection Act and Regulations and a labour market policy premised on the "Canadians First Policy," whereby Canadian citizens and permanent residents are to be considered for employment prior to the hiring of foreign workers.
When the Canadian government privatized the management of the C/ MSAWP in 1987, the new federally incorporated organization was named the Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services.
(13.) Without minimizing the impact that international agreements have on the public consciousness, it is interesting to note that in the case of the C/ MSAWP, the Canadian government has been careful to define the legal status of the MOU as an "intergovernmental administrative arrangement" rather than an international treaty and has not ratified the UN International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families (Verma 2004).