MSBDMedia Stream Broadcast Distribution
MSBDMinor Source Baseline Date (environmental protection)
MSBDMerseyside Business Directory (UK)
MSBDMega Swag Bucks Day (
MSBDMixed Sclerosing Bone Dystrophy (bone disease)
MSBDMedia Streaming Broadcast Distribution (Microsoft Windows Media Server)
MSBDMichael Smith Business Development, Inc. (est. 2000; Washington, DC)
MSBDMiddle School Band Director (various locations)
MSBDMeta-Sulfonate Benzene Diazonium
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Then in Section 3, minimum sidelobe beampattern design (MSBD) and beampattern matching design (BMD) in the radian-space are studied.
To verify the proposed design methods, we conduct simulations in Section 4 to show that our method for MSBD maintains for all range of main lobe width and our method for BMD can match well with the desired beampattern and have smooth main lobes with maximal power concentrated in.
Based on the reformulation of transmit beampattern in the radian-space, we propose a MSBD method and a BMD method for beamparrern synthesis.