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MSBFMean Swap Between Failure
MSBFMichigan State Bar Foundation
MSBFMean Swaps Between Failure
MSBFMotor Sport Business Forum (various locations)
MSBFMelbourne School Bands Festival (Australia)
MSBFMilitary School Band Festival
MSBFMillington Savings Bank Financial Corp
MSBFMicrowave Sampling Beamformer (wireless communication technology)
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Se presento un Modelo Semifisico de Base Fenomenologica (MSBF) para el proceso continuo de fermentacion alcoholica el cual por su simplicidad puede ser utilizado en escalado, en control y en optimizacion.
Valores medios e resumo da analise de variancia da massa seca de frutos (MSF), folhas (MSFo), haste + cachos (MSHC), brotos + frutos raleados (MSBF) e total (MST) do tomateiro, para cada dose de N e K aplicada via fertirrigacao.
and Manila Seedling Bank Foundation, the tribunal upheld the usufruct granted to MSBF for 50 years, or until 2027.
It will be recalled that on July 10, 2012, Bautista sent Quezon City policemen, members of his Department of Public Order and Safety, private security guards of Marban Security Agency, and hired goons to forcibly take over the MSBF Gardens and destroy the administration building and all the plant nurseries and gardeners' stores.
Este primer paso implica especificar el proceso y obtener su Modelo Semifisico de Base Fenomenologica (MSBF): i) definir cuales seran las variables de estado x (que especificaran el PdeO), cuales seran variables manipuladas (o de escala) u y cuales variables de diseno z, todas con su valor correspondiente al PdeO de la Baja Escala ([PdeO.sub.BE]), y ii) declarar el valor de la [VdeC.sup.*] a la que se quiere llegar: PdeO de la Alta Escala ([PdeO.sub.AE]), y precisar la eficiencia minima a lograr en ese [PdeO.sub.AE].
"To provide public security." But there was no security problem in the MSBF's usufruct area.
If the NHA-QC government conspiracy succeeds in grabbing the NKTI and MSBF properties, it would next grab the adjoining Aquino Wildlife Park, the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, and portions of the Lung Center and the Children's Hospital.
Background: During the Marcos administration, a 7-hectare property owned by the National Housing Authority (NHA) was granted in usufruct to MSBF, so that the latter could grow seedlings for the government reforestation projects, with some to be sold to home gardeners.
In a decision upheld by the high court in the case filed by the MSBF against the QC government, the regional trial court said:
AS A result of the forcible takeover by the Quezon City government, gestapo style, of the 7-hectare lot on Quezon Avenue granted by law under usufruct to the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation (MSBF), Mayor Herbert Bautista, City Administrator Victor Endriga and six other city officials, as well as Chito M.
THE MOUTHPIECE of the Quezon City government was not being totally truthful when he wrote that letter to the editor (Inquirer, 8/28/12) claiming that the Supreme Court had upheld City Hall's forcible takeover, martial law style, of the 7-hectare property on Quezon Avenue over which the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation (MSBF) has usufructuary rights.
Here is a background on the case: The 7-hectare property where the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation (MSBF) grows tree seedlings for distribution to the government and the public, and other gardeners grow and sell ornamental plants, belongs to the National Housing Authority (NHA).