MSBLMen's Senior Baseball League
MSBLManeuver Support Battle Lab (US Army)
MSBLMidwest Suburban Baseball League (Chicago, IL)
MSBLMandatory Seat Belt Law (various locations)
MSBLMAGTF Software Baseline
MSBLMAGTF C4I Software Baseline (USMC)
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SAL: When I worked for Big B Lumber, I demanded Sundays off to play MSBL. When the women's pro league formed, I took a leave of absence so I could focus solely on enjoying the experience of playing in it.
SAL: The semifinal game in the 1993 MSBL World Series against Saskatchewan.
I also coached a women's team in the California Women's Baseball League, a recreational league patterned after the MSBL.
SAL: When I first tried out for the MSBL, the reception was, "What the hell is this girl doing here?" Only one guy even offered to warm up with me (Andy Weissmann).
MSBL commissioned its new brewery unit in Saha (Ambala District, Haryana), which has commenced commercial production in December 2009 (it was initially expected to start operations in October 2009).
MSBL has further capex plans of Rs.200 million, to be funded in a debt-to-equity mix of 7:3, for installing advanced fermenting, filling and packaging machines at its Bhankarpur plant.
MSBL's operating margin declined to 14 per cent in 2009-10 from 17 per cent in 2008-09, mainly because of sharp increase in prices of raw materials and consumables (mainly used glass bottles).
B D Bali in 1974, MSBL manufactures beer under the brand Thunderbolt.
Orchestrating the consolidation of several leagues that were fragmenting or had ceased operations altogether, he pooled players from MUNY A, MUNY AA, and Buffalo's failed Major Senior Baseball League (MSBL) franchise, forming a united MUNY AA league.