MSBMMaster of Sport Business Management (University of Central Florida)
MSBMMaster of Science in Bioscience Management (graduate degree; George Mason University; Fairfax, VA)
MSBMMinority, Micro-Enterprise Small Businesses in Massachusetts
MSBMMultiple Static Barrier Management
MSBMModified Solomon-Bloembergen-Morgan (chemistry)
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In June 2011, the MSBM received accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) for a period of three years for achieving what AMBA describes as the highest standard in Postgraduate Business Education for its EMBA and MBA programmes.
Postgraduate degree programmes offered by MSBM include: the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Business Management (MBM) programmes, the (MSc.
the Earthquake Unit, the Department of Geography and Geology and Mona GeoInformatics Institute) while at the MSBM, a major initiative is the research being conducted by Dr.
This finding is not unique to the MSBM and the Caribbean.
The general conclusion is that while not much exists within the MSBM at present, there are opportunities for the introduction and integration of DRM throughout the School.
For the MSBM, mainstreaming DRM is not an end in itself but rather an important step towards affecting behaviour change and practice among businesses; raising awareness among public policy makers of the implications of disasters for business and including the policy makers as key stakeholders in DRM policy-making; and upending the apathy and lack of connected thinking regarding DRM and productivity within the region and beyond.
Since the MSBM has modern technologies for streaming and delivering programmes in a synchronous, asynchronous, online and/or blended fashion with partnerships across member institutions to facilitate remote content delivery could be undertaken where the school does not have the resources to deliver a course unilaterally.
The aim is to increase the possibility that MSBM students, as well as those in other departments, undertaking cross-departmental or -faculty courses will be introduced to some aspect of DRM.
The MSBM will also invite, through the ongoing visiting scholars programme, an academic expert in the area of DRM for 3 months to assist the school in an audit of its programmes and a review of the suggestions contained in the present paper in order to develop a road map for implementation.
Such a repository can be developed through various levels of support (financial and the provision of content) through the present partnership and managed by the MSBM.
There is a likelihood that mainstreaming will be affected overtime by the extent to which instructional material and resources can be developed for the MSBM and other business schools to adopt and adapt.
MSBM does have an advantage in that a number of students, especially at the graduate level, are currently working so they are well placed to begin implementation immediately.