MSBOAMichigan School Band and Orchestra Association
MSBOAMinnesota School Bus Operators' Association (Annandale, MN)
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In its rebuttal, the MSBOA cited a report during last year's Central Mass.
Warren Heller, a lawyer representing the MSBOA, pointed out that incident happened with the new handshake rule in place.
The MSBOA voted not to follow the new rule during the 2007-08 season, but its members reluctantly agreed to follow it during the postseason after the MIAA threatened to conduct the tournament without them.
Last month, the MSBOA sent a letter to the MIAA asking that the rule be put on hold.
"The bottom line is, by the time an official recognizes something is happening and wants to leave the court, it's already happening," MSBOA spokesman Larry Machione said.
The MSBOA also argues that the new rule has "caused a substantial increase of approximately 400 (percent) in the liability insurance premium for the game officials..." In addition, the referees believe the new rule interferes with their status as "independent contractors."
Machione said the MSBOA is not against sportsmanship and only wants to protect its members.
The MSBOA believes, however, most of those officials usually work freshman and junior varsity games.
officials, the MIAA is concerned that some of the state's 13 IAABO boards are getting bad information from the MSBOA.
Tata said the MSBOA and IAABO will recommend officials not enroll with the MIAA.