MSBPMunchausen Syndrome By Proxy (now called Fabrication or Induction of Illness)
MSBPMillennium Seed Bank Project (global conservation program)
MSBPMerit Systems Protection Board (US government)
MSBPManagement Stock Bonus Plan
MSBPMarkov-Switching Brown-Proschan (repair model)
MSBPMean Systolic Blood Pressure
MSBPMember of the Society of Business Practitioners
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The growing list of MSBP cases underscores the need for investigators to understand the various - and often complex - issues related to MSBP.
The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children estimates that there will be at least 600 new cases of MSBP in the United States each year.
The protest is being organised by campaigner Penny Mellor, who has branded MSBP 'state-sponsored abduction'.
At the lower end of the spectrum, those diagnosed with MSBP are believed to harm their own kids in order to gain sympathy when they take them to hospital.
Many of those subjected to covert surveillance were said to be suffering from MSBP.
The Sunday Mercury has also learned that the Department of Health and Royal College of Paediatrics are looking into the diagnosis of MSBP for reports due out this summer.
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MSBP Plate 6mm thick,HC Flat width 50 to 65mm thickness * to 6mm,HC Flat 75 to i50mm, 6mm thick,HC Iron Sheet, 6mm thick,Leaf spring scrap min length 75 cm) assorted,GP Sheet 0.
The MSBP is coordinated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and was established as an "insurance policy" to help avoid the extinction of plants in the wild.