MSBRMolten Salt Breeder Reactor
MSBRMaryland Space Business Roundtable
MSBRModified Sequencing Batch Reactor (Crystal Industrial; India)
MSBRMassive Small Bowel Resection (digestive medicine)
MSBRModified Scarff-Bloom-Richardson (cancer prognosis tool)
MSBRMaple Shade Babe Ruth (Maple Shape, NJ)
MSBRMilitary Strength Balance Report
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Reportedly, the AudioCodes Mediant MSBR family includes a range of scalable devices that offer VoIP connectivity, data routing and security together with a range of WAN interface options, all housed in a single, compact platform.
Voice encryption is supported across all of AudioCodes' voice connectivity platforms, including MSBR, to ensure secured communications for Deutsche Telekom's business customers.
Tabla 2 Parametros biocineticas estimados y su comparacion con valores en la literatura Sistema [K.sub.S] k Y [k.sub.d] (mgDQO/L) (mgDQO/ (mgSSV/ (1/dia) mgSSV.d) mgDQO) Anaerobia 0,292 * 8,130 0,167 0,0114 Aerobia 1 0,159 * 1,350 0,449 0,0017 Aerobia 2 0,0671 * 0,765 0,767 0,0023 Anaerobia 1616 8.271 0,169 0,0111 Aerobia 1 1557 1,473 0.455 0,0089 Aerobia 2 717 0,816 0,767 0,0027 MSBR 174 7,42 0,228 0,138 68 -- 0,26 0,032 AS 141 -- -- -- SBR 541 4,118 0,573 0,1413 SBR 74 -- 0,42 0,12 Sistema Modelo Referencia Anaerobia Aerobia 1 Orozco Este estudio Aerobia 2 Anaerobia Michaelis Aerobia 1 Menten Este estudio Aerobia 2 MSBR Monod J.
To decrease the number of intersection tests per ray tube, space division algorithms, such as the kd-tree [13,14] and the octree structure [15, 16], were applied to SBR, and MSBR and the octree were also combined for SBR acceleration [17].
Targets analyzed in this paper are modeled as a set of planar triangles because the proposed method has a similar motivation to MSBR in that adjacent incident ray tubes which have the same reflection path can be merged without loss of accuracy in RCS analysis.
Unlike the conventional SBR and MSBR, the proposed method is based on beam tracing and results in a computation cost that is independent of the electrical size of the target.
La comparacion de los resultados entre el grupo control y el grupo de tratamiento con el modelo MSBR revelo que los participantes lograron reducir el cansancio emocional y la despersonalizacion.
"I've been teaching MSBR at Mount Sinai for eight years, and have found it to be extremely helpful in alleviating anxiety and depression in older adults, as well as in helping them deal with the stress of chronic illness and pain," she says.
A recent meta-analysis found that mindfulness-based stress-reduction (MSBR, a type of meditation) decreased stress, depression, and anxiety in breast cancer patients.