MSCFMedia Services and Captioned Films
MSCFMultiple System Control Facility
MSCFMario Strikers Charged Football (gaming)
MSCFmillion standard cubic foot
MSCFMouse Stem Cell Factor
MSCFMaster of Science in Computational Finance (degree)
MSCFMinnesota State College Faculty
MSCFMolecular Sciences Computing Facility (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, Richland, WA)
MSCFMid-Shore Community Foundation (Easton, MD)
MSCFMonthly Summary of Commerce and Finance (US Department of the Treasury)
MSCFMy So-Called Friend (band)
MSCFMicrosoft Cabinet Files
MSCFMessaging Service Control Function (3GPP)
MSCFMaster Surveillance Control Facility
MSCFMaster Ship's Configuration File
MSCFMultiple System Cascading Failure
MSCFMicrosoft Compression Format
MSCFMoisture Sensor Cell Frequency
MSCFOne Thousand Standard Cubic Feet
MSCFMarlborough Student Charitable Fund
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The complete medium refers to the basic culture medium complemented with growth factors 20 ng/ml hLIF (R&D Systems, USA), 20 ng/ml mSCF (R&D Systems, USA), 20 ng/ml hbFGF (R&D Systems, USA), and 5% fetal bovine serum (FBS) (Gibco, UK).
Secondly, MSCF (Multiscale Correlation Filter) is applied to identify all possible MA candidates from the fundus images.
Pearson's correlation and linear regressions were used to evaluate the relationships between the mSCF and ETV1 protein expression.
PNRG = Primary Energy mkWh = Kilowatt-Hour value obtained from electric meter mSCF = Standard Cubic Feet of natural gas value obtained from gas meter [eta] = Efficiency SUBSCRIPTS
In this analysis, GPC defined as the cost per MSCF (1000Standard Cubic Foot) of product, is based on threecost components; Total Plant Investment cost (TPI), Variable Operating and Maintenance cost (VOM) and the methane lost in permeate (CH4Loss).
The project will add more than 500 million standard cubic feet (mscf) of gas to Abu Dhabi's strained supplies, as Adnoc invests heavily to stave off a shortage.
The gas pipeline line will provide 500 million standard cubic feet (mscf) per day of gas to Afghanistan and 1.325 billion cubic feet (bcf) each to Pakistan and India.
In addition gas from the MDA field has to be transported via the transmission pipe of East Java Gas Pipeline (EJGP) with a toll fee of US$1.14 per Mscf.
A statewide conference in June 2009, involving nurse leaders from education, LTC, home health practice, and policy, led to collaboration between the Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation (MSCF) and the nursing program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) to offer an annual Faculty Institute in Gerontological Nursing (FIGN) to increase the state's capacity to educate nurses who are better prepared to provide quality care for older adults in LTC settings.
In [22], for example, the authors proposed a comprehensive service function, called the Multimedia Service Control Function (MSCF).