MSCHOAMaritime Security Centre-Horn of Africa (EU)
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"We encourage skippers to take all necessary precautions, including registering with the Maritime Security Centre for the Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), managed by the EUNAVFOR Atalanta operation," he said.
The ship was not registered with MSCHOA (Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa) at the time of the incident.
of Africa (MSCHOA) issue periodic "Industry Updates" detailing
It has accepted a fair amount of regulation given the risk, such as registration on our MSCHOA system [vessels crossing the zone register their route and the cargo they are transporting in a computerised database - Ed] and the circulation of information.
Unlike the other forces in the area, the European force is there permanently, has a structured command, with organised links to maritime industry (MSCHOA), legal agreements with third countries that benefit all participants (including non-EU members), and enjoys onshore logistical support in Djibouti, thanks to the permanent French base there.