MSCISMaster of Science in Computer Information Systems (course/degree)
MSCISModel Spinal Cord Injury Systems
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Fungal infections and mold toxicities play an important role in the symptomatology and possible disease progression of MSCIS as well as cancer.
Parasitic infections often are found in patients with cancer as well as those fighting MSCIS.
Multiple herbal antimicrobials addressing bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spirochetes also exhibit antitumor activity, making them effective in the treatment of cancer and MSCIS.
The following clinical cases, from personal experience, exemplify the benefits of evaluation and treatment of MSCIS in cancer patients.
However, he survived over 7 years once he was diagnosed with neuroborreliosis and treated for Lyme disease and MSCIS using naturopathic and integrative medicine with a non-antibiotic-based protocol.
Once she was diagnosed with MSCIS and treated accordingly using herbal and natural therapies, her tumor significantly regressed after 3 months of treatment.
A 58-year-old female with chronic myelogenous leukemia of 10 years and recent diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast had complete regression of both of her cancers after she was diagnosed and treated for MSCIS using an integrative non-pharmaceutical-based protocol.
The immunodeficiency that occurs in MSCIS increases the risk of cancers.