MSCOModeling and Simulation Coordination Office
MSCOMilitary Sealift Command Office
MSCOMassachusetts Society of Clinical Oncologists (est. 1985)
MSCOMinnesota Society of Clinical Oncology (est. 1992)
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16 November 2017 - New York, US-based advertising and marketing firm MSCO has been acquired by Jonathan Soniker and Robert Soniker who have been part of the firm's leadership team since 2012, the company said.
MSCO is now able to utilize OfficeWatch to recognize calling patterns, reduce telecom costs, and eliminate phone abuse across the county with advanced, automated reports and notification call alarms.
Working with the masters was a very interesting part of the job," said CDR Marion Fedorshak, USNR, MSCO Northern Europe's senior operations officer in Antwerp, referring more to their diverse nationalities, which included Korean, Swedish, Russian, Italian, and, of course, American.
If there's no self-doubt, there's no introspection--and no real thought at all," pointed out Mark Stevens, CEO of MSCO and author of Your Marketing Sucks.