MSCOEManeuver Support Center of Excellence (Fort Leonard Wood, MO; US Army)
MSCOEMultiple Sclerosis Centers of Excellence (Virginia)
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Quantock (Retired) was the commanding general of MSCoE. As I have studied this mission for the past year, it has become abundantly clear to me that stationing the Military Police Regiment, the Chemical Regiment, and the Engineer Regiment together at Fort Leonard Wood was no mistake.
The MSCoE not only make a network of 80 regional programs available to 30,000 veterans with MS nationwide, but also teach clinicians about the complexities of MS, and how to implement appropriate treatments and rehabilitation strategies, through fellowships, educational programs and research opportunities.
Distribution of travel times by Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) within Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence (MSCoE)-East catchment area.
MSCoE will continue to lead the collaboration among the stakeholders through monthly meetings of the AWFC No.
The ECBC liaison officer to MSCoE obtained various COTS kits, and requirements writers and training developers jointly reviewed them.
As this MSCoE project proceeds, we expect to further refine the MSSR through screening for participation in various studies and clinical trials, ongoing clinical evaluation, and the annual addition of more clinical event data that we will refine by reapplying the database algorithm.
The development of more accessible assessment tools should aid in recognizing this complication of MS and is a goal of the team at MSCoE East.
* Hard copy photos--Hard copy photos can be mailed to: Maneuver Support Center of Excellence, ATTN: G-37 Publications Support, 14010 MSCoE Loop, Building 3201, Suite 2661, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8702.
A key mission of the MSCoE is to "develop large databases to support clinical care and research to allow better understanding of the nation's MS population" [6].
The primary objective of the Multiple Sclerosis Centers of Excellence (MSCoE) is to optimize services across the United States Veterans Health Administration (VHA) for veterans with MS.
Army Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE), conducted an analysis of current force capabilities in relation to the capabilities directed through strategic guidance and combatant command operational plans.
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