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MSCSMicrosoft Cluster Server
MSCSMaster of Science In Computer Science
MSCSMathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
MSCSMicrosoft Cluster Server Support
MSCSMass Storage Control System
MSCSMultiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist
MSCSMarine Corps Systems Command (formerly MARCORSYSCOM; US Marine Corps)
MSCSMuscle Shoals City Schools (Muscle Shoals, AL)
MSCSMulti-Source Correlation System
MSCSMember of the Singapore Computer Society
MSCSMorning Star Christian School
MSCSMobile Service Center System
MSCSMachinery Ship's Control System
MSCSMultispectral Collection & Analysis System
MSCSMulti-Spectral Camouflage System
MSCSMulti-Service Communications System
MSCSMixed Oxide Storage Containment and Surveillance System
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MSCs were isolated from bone marrow of three healthy subjects (6-10 years) after they provided an informed consent.
MSC is the cruises division of MSC Group, the worlds second largest transportation and logistics business.
This novel dressing, for which a patent is pending, consists of a polymer-coated silicone dressing seeded with MSCs or similar cells.
Cynata and CTM CRC are discussing an extended collaboration to launch a clinical trial of Cymerus MSCs with CTM CRC's wound-dressing technology in human patients with diabetic foot ulcers.
To evaluate the tropism of MSCs for cancer cells in vivo, AF-MSCs and IFN[alpha]-AFMSCs were labeled with a fluorescent cell surface marker, CM-Dil (Invitrogen), by incubation with a working solution of 5 [micro]g/ml CM-Dil for 5 min at room temperature, followed by a 20-minute incubation at 4[degrees]C.
In the present study, we investigated whether or not the three charged residues (R46, R54, and R74) in the TM1 and TM2 domains of MscS are involved in the voltage-dependent inactivation by using patch-clamp technique and hypoosmotic shock experiment.
Surface markers of MSCs were distinguished on hAM-MSC by flow cytometry technique.
showed that amniotic membrane contains mesenchymal stem cells with osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation potential.9 MSCs have been isolated from other parts of the placenta including the Wharton's jelly10 amniotic fluid11 chorionic membrane.12 Wharton's Jelly is the primitive connective tissue of the umbilical cord trapped in the connective tissue.10
In addition to their role in repair and regeneration, MSC possess immunomodulatory properties.
The challenge with making a multi-site MSCS configuration to work the replication infrastructure has to solve several specific issues: