MSCTMultislice Computed Tomography
MSCTmultislice spiral computed tomography
MSCTMost Significant Change Technique
MSCTMicrosoft Shared Computer Toolkit
MSCTMechanical Sidewall Coring Tool (mining tool)
MSCTMicrosoft Certified Trainer
MSCTMultiple Source Correlator Tracker (military command and control)
MSCTMaster of Science in Communication and Computer Network Technology (Assumption University of Thailand; Bangkok, Thailand)
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In this retrospective study, we diagnosed 21 patients with definite or possible IgG4-RD, accompanied by vascular disease according to MSCT and pathologic examination.
Follow up MSCT of the brain, obtained at the Split University Hospital Center, showed stationary finding without any signs of intra-cranial complication.
The incidence of CAF was 0.33% (34/10,223) by MSCT. Among the 34 patients, fourteen (41.7%) patients underwent CTCA because of chest tightness, chest pain, palpitation, and/or syncope; ten (29.4%) patients for preoperative evaluation (operation for lung, breast, bladder, or prostate cancer); five (14.7%) patients were suspected of CAF detected by cardiac ultrasonography; and three (8.8%) patients were presented with abnormal ECG findings.
Comparison of 2D and 3D imaging systems Imaging techniques Effective dose ([micro]Sv) Cost Periapical radiograph <1.5* X Panoramic radiograph 2.7-24.3 2X Cephalometric radiograph <6 2X CBCT Dentoalveolar CBCT 11-674 (61) Maxillofacial CBCT 30-1073 10-20X MSCT maxillo-mandibular 280 - 1410 10-20X
Image-guided virtual autopsy findings of gunshot victims performed with multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and subsequent correlation between radiology and autopsy findings.
Out of 861 LIMA grafts 788 (91.5%) were patent as visualized by MSCT, 55 (6.4%) were occluded while 18 (2.1%) were atretic.
Since both ESWT and MSCT can be an approach for ED treatment by paracrine growth factors to promote cellular proliferation, we have reasons to believe that combination of both for ED treatment will get a better result.
Routine screening and monitoring of CAV is based on serial coronary angiography or multislice computed tomography (MSCT), both exposed to morbidities related to iodine contrast infusion and X-ray exposure.
Spiral CT angiography (SCTA) of pulmonary embolism (PE) in patients with underlying respiratory disease: impact of multislice CT (MSCT) on image quality and diagnostic accuracy.
Trypsin- (MsT) and chymotrypsin-like (MsCT) serine protease expression levels decreased 76.7 and 86.2% after treatment with MsT and MsCT dsRNA, respectively, in Mythimna separata Walker (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) (Zhou et al.
Objective: We aimed to compare the findings of multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) coronary angiography and conventional coronary angiography (CCA) in the assessment of coronary artery obstructions and to identify the role of MSCT in the diagnosis of coronary artery pathologies.