MSDACMount a Symbolic Device Address
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Tenders are invited for Supply and execution of the work of installation, commissioning of MSDAC at East end of Tikiapara Yard in Kharaqpur Division of S.
Tenders are invited for "A" Replacement of DC Track CCT by MSDAC at TBB station of SBG Loop of Mowrah Division Schedule MB" Replacement ol DC Track CCT by MSDAC at BSBR station of SBG Loop of Howrah Division Schedule "C" Provision of Earth Leakage Detector (ELD) at 9 stations of GRP, RSLR KAN, TIT.
Tenders are invited for Execution of signalling work in connection with Through Turnout Renewal work and provision of SSDAC as standby of MSDAC at Shahdol-Badhwa Bara Sections of SSE/Signal/Shahdol of Bilaspur Etc