MSDBMicrosoft Debugger
MSDBMicrosoft Data Base
MSDBMain Storage Data Base
MSDBMichigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind
MSDBMontana School for the Deaf and the Blind (Great Falls, MT)
MSDBMedial Septum/Diagonal Band (neurobiology)
MSDBMaryland Stroke Data Bank (neurology)
MSDBMEDUNSA (Medical University of Southern Africa) Stroke Data Bank (est. 1984; South Africa)
MSDBMedial Septal Nucleus/Diagonal Band Complex
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The generated peak list files were used to query either the MSDB or the NCBI database using the MASCOT program (http://www.
Processed data were searched against the MSDB and Swiss-Prot databases through the Mascot search engine with a peptide mass tolerance of 50 parts per million and fragment tolerance of 100 millimass units.
Boston, MA), which uses the following sequence databases: dbEST, MSDB, NCBInr, OWL, and Swiss-Prot, to determine the expected identities of the corresponding protein spots.