MSDDMultisystem Developmental Disorder
MSDDMultiple-Symbol Differential Detection
MSDDMulti-Stream Dependency Detection
MSDDManufacturing System Design Decomposition
MSDDMaster of Software Design and Development
MSDDMulti-Sensory Distraction Device
MSDDMultiple-Symbol Decision Detection
MSDDMulti-System Developmental Delay
MSDDMulti-Station Disorientation Device (aviation; US DoD)
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MSDD slopes down to 58 % and TTDD to 52 % assuring that the network cannot be relied in successful transmitting and receiving packets and the condition gets worse for event based applications.
But it is less when compared to MSDD and TTDD which are very high more than 1200 Kbps which is the maximum energy consumed by our protocol.
GCCP - NS slopes up and down from 6% to 16% and is considerably low when compared with MSDD and TTDD that grows exponentially high.
N leaching from the bottom of the root zone and the bottom of the MSDD can be found in the output screens described in NLEAP.
N leaching from each rooting zone and from the MSDD at 0-to-0.