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MSDEMaryland State Department of Education
MSDEMicrosoft Data Engine
MSDEMicrosoft Database Engine
MSDEMicrosoft Sql Server Desktop Engine
MSDEMicrosoft SQL Desktop Edition
MSDEMicrosoft Development Environment
MSDEMicrosoft Server Desktop Engine (structured query language)
MSDEMilitary Scenario Development Environment
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The umbrella concept is to emphasize appropriate decision making to the students, said Marquita Friday the MSDE program manager for career and technology education.
In his congratulatory remarks Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Dharmendra Pradhan said, "Our very best wishes to the interns who will be representing the country.
These high demand courses have been approved by the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE).
Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), run by the National Council for Vocational Training, now under the MSDE's purview, have been around for decades.
The bonds are additionally secured by the State of Minnesota's School District Credit Enhancement Program (MSDE) which provides for an unlimited advance from the state's General Fund should the district be unable to meet debt service requirements.
The MSDE can be taken as an indicator of the fit of the shape of hydrograph.
The MSDE sought to replicate this awareness campaign in several other local school and library systems across the state.
"We're excited about offering our customers the choice of using MSDE with our products as an entry-level option.
Based on this information, they next used OStivity to rapidly identify all systems running either SQL Server 7.0/2000 or the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE).
It is compatible with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MSDE and Sybase database engines.
* offered in three options: MasterSeries MSDE is designed for clients with one site and five or fewer users; MasterSeries Small Business is perfect for 10-50 users at one site; MasterSeries Enterprise is for multiple users at multiple sites.
Rebis, Walnut Creek, Calif., a market leader in plant design and management software, has released version 16 of its AutoPLANT Process and Instrumentation Workgroup (P&IW) software that features a totally, new Instrumentation and Wiring module, support for the new MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) and improved performance for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle based projects.