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MSDEMaryland State Department of Education
MSDEMicrosoft Data Engine
MSDEMicrosoft Database Engine
MSDEMicrosoft Sql Server Desktop Engine
MSDEMicrosoft SQL Desktop Edition
MSDEMicrosoft Development Environment
MSDEMicrosoft Server Desktop Engine (structured query language)
MSDEMilitary Scenario Development Environment
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Indeed, a Committee of Secretaries (CoS) is working on a plan to converge all these training efforts by ministries other than the MSDE.
Figure 5 presents the Pareto plots of the SVM model on the objective space MSLE and MSDE using NSGA-II algorithm and the proposed MODE-CMCS algorithm, whereas the Pareto solutions for combinations of MSDE and M4E are shown in Figure 6.
Include CTE Encourage the August-October * MSDE program and use of staff economic technology by * School development students and system information on Web parents staff site seeking * Library information staf about CTE programs.
We're excited about offering our customers the choice of using MSDE with our products as an entry-level option.
The support for MSDE means performance and reliability comparable to the most powerful database platforms coupled with an integrated set of data management tools for the same cost as a traditional Microsoft Access based project.
It uses Microsoft's MSDE database and supports up to 64 readers and an unlimited number of cardholders.
It comes completely loaded with Horizon's MasterSeries software and a Microsoft SQL 2000 or MSDE database.
The formal inauguration of pilot course on GST Consultants was done in Delhi by K P Krishnan Secretary, MSDE.
Incorporating an industry standard MSDE or SQL server 2000 database, Compass 5E software is totally modular with components running as true Windows services.