MSDGCMetropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (Ohio)
MSDGCMarshall Street Disc Golf Championship (Leicester, MA)
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Solving this dilemma was delegated to the already existing MSDGC Trenchless Technology Committee (TTC).
However, there are now several generic and branded products that are available to installers in the current CIPP marketplace that are not bound by exclusive agreements or territorial restrictions, so MSDGC revised the procedure to ensure that product approval was tied to a specific installer.
The TTC evaluates this information to make a general assessment of the contractor's ability to effectively manage and complete projects of the magnitude undertaken by MSDGC to avoid falling short of the annual Consent Decree requirements.
The previous specification had been in place for nearly 10 years and served MSDGC very well.
MSDGC had abandoned the notion that lining can address I/I problems on a wide scale due to service lateral issues and a high percentage of combined sewers, so the primary focus naturally evolved towards structural rehabilitation.