MSDMMicrosoft Data Management (software)
MSDMManajemen Sumber Daya Manusia (Indonesian: Human Resources Management)
MSDMMulti-Agent Sequential Decision Making in Uncertain Domains (Workshop)
MSDMMultiscale Decision Making (aka Multiscale Decision Theory; also seen as MSDT)
MSDMMultiple-Symbol Differential Modulation
MSDMMathematical System for Decision Making (conference)
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The fresh material from the evaluated plants of each experimental plot were dried in an oven at 65 [degrees]C until constant weight; then, a digital scale was used to obtain the MSDM and the means of the treatments and their respective replicates, in g [plant.
MSDM samples of the evaluated plants in each experimental plot were sent to a laboratory for the determination of the contents of each macronutrient in the MSDM, according to Malavolta et al.
5 ANOVA PARBRDM MSDM PARMSDM source (R5) (R5) (R5) Year (Y) *** * NS Cultivar (C) *** *** *** Y x C ** * NS Population (P) *** *** *** Y x P ** NS NS C x P NS NS NS Y x C x P NS NS NS CV (%) 20.