MSDMMicrosoft Data Management (software)
MSDMManajemen Sumber Daya Manusia (Indonesian: Human Resources Management)
MSDMMulti-Agent Sequential Decision Making in Uncertain Domains (Workshop)
MSDMMultiscale Decision Making (aka Multiscale Decision Theory; also seen as MSDT)
MSDMMathematical System for Decision Making (conference)
MSDMMultiple-Symbol Differential Modulation
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The MSDM advisory board plays a role in accessing the current and future curriculum and teaching practice.
Hosier has been an adjunct professor in the Silberman College of Business and MSDM board member since 2017.
The MSDM will support miniaturized weapon capabilities for air superiority by enabling close-in platform self-defense and penetration into contested A2AD environment with little to no impact to payload capacity.
The fresh material from the evaluated plants of each experimental plot were dried in an oven at 65 [degrees]C until constant weight; then, a digital scale was used to obtain the MSDM and the means of the treatments and their respective replicates, in g [plant.sup.-1], were used in the statistical analyses.
Contract Awarded for Baa-rwk-2014-001_call_004; miniature self-defense munition (msdm) concept study
Contract Awarded for Igf::ot::igf, miniature self-defense munition (msdm) concept study
Solicitation: Miniature self defense munition (msdm) seeker conceptual design