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MSDOSMicrosoft Disk Operating System
MSDOSMeinem System Droht Overkill Status (German: My System Threatens Overkill Status)
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This design was an open architecture where every component (including MSDOS from Microsoft and the 8088 microprocessor from Intel) was made from subcontractors.
Akemann, Microsoft's Licensing Agreements: Theory and Evidence on the Sale of MSDOS and Windows, 24 J.
In 1988 Gates sent this email to his developer team: "You never sent me a response on the question of what things an app would do that would make it run with MSDOS and not run with DR-DOS.
The Jefferson Parish test, however, can adequately explain why MSDOS and Windows 3.11 were treated as two products while Windows 95 was treated as one.
These operating systems and applications require significantly more computer power than their predecessor systems running on MSDOS. Therefore, practitioners tend to assume that their natural technological progressions will insulate them from the problem (i.e., relatively new hardware running up-to-date software).
The system is operated from a PC and the software is compatible with MSDOS, Windows 3.11 and Windows 95.
Having lived through CPM MSDOS and various versions of Windows one has now to struggle with the myriad intricacies of Windows 95 where a misplaced mouse click or particularly an unintended finger movement on the touchpad of a laptop can wreak unexpected havoc with a current application.
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The STRUC program is available by anonymous ftp (at FTP.CNRSMOP.FR in the MSDOS directory) or upon E-mail request, and is also included in the GENEPOP population genetics software package (Raymond and Rousset 1995).
This drive must have the following three programs or their equivalents: IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS, and COMMAND.COM.