MSDRMultiplexed Streaming Data Request
MSDRManagement Systems & Dispute Resolution Co. Ltd.
MSDRMonthly Supervisory Diligence Report
MSDRMinimum Standard Detail Requirements (land title surveys)
MSDRMaintenance Signal Data Recorder
MSDRmaximum sustainable daily rate
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MSDR = 1/n [n.summation over (I = 1)][([y.sub.i] - [[??].sub.i]).sup.2]/[[sigma].sup.2.sub.i] (9)
The MSDR is used to assess whether the prediction variance is consistent with the actual error ([y.sub.i] - [[??].sub.i]) whereby a value of 1.0 indicates a good agreement between each.
For both surveys, the MSDR value was close to 1.0, indicating that the prediction variance matches the error as estimated by LOOCV.
Nevertheless, the MSDR value for both models was closer to 1.
Model quality of the fitted linear mixed models Index Year 2000 Year 2010 ME 0.0038 -0.0004 MSDR 0.9965 1.0034 RMSE 0.5650 0.2630 Table 5.
The number of bits embedded in F by ICPT is m(p) and approximates the MSDR.
By maximality, MSDR [greater than or equal to] m(p).
When the size of F is increased from 6 to 30 and 63, ICPT's embedding capacity is almost the same as the MSDR. DHSPT can conceal 1 bit in a 3 x 3 block, so it is possible to embed 10 bits when F is 94, but the number of flipping pixels is also increased.
MSDR is the Maximal Secret Data Ratio (see Section 3.4); it is the mathematically determined maximum data-hiding capacity.
When F is 5 pixels, MSDR is 4 and the embedding capacity of ICPT is 3.
Raverty (1855) and most of the traditional grammarians after him believe that msdr which can be roughly translated as infinitive' form is the base form of the verb in Pashto.