MSDRGMedicare Severity Diagnosis Related Groups (Medicare Reimbursement)
MSDRGMedical Systems Development Research Group
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About one in five discharges identified as a HAC in FY 2010 were not reassigned to a lower paying MS-DRG because the claim had already been assigned to a single or a 2-severity level MSDRG (where all "CC/MCC" cases are grouped together or all "no MCC" cases are grouped together).
Patients who had a higher MSDRG weight and were female and non-White were the most likely to experience a medication error.
By success, I mean a documentation management program that gets the appropriate terms of diagnosis (all diagnoses) on the chart to provide validation of correct codes (ICD9 or, soon, ICD10, and therefore the hospital's MSDRG and the physician's CPT) on an ongoing basis to accurately reflect the true state of the epidemiology of disease in your service area.
Finally, we included the average Medicare Severity-Diagnosis Related Group (MSDRG) weight (United States Department of Veterans Affairs 2013) in the hospital.