MSEHPAModel State Emergency Health Powers Act
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(361) A majority of states have enacted legislation based on the MSEHPA.
(181) MSEHPA: A CHECKLIST Or' ISSUES (2002) (counting the number of states that have isolation and quarantine provisions) available at
Arizona has not adopted any portions of the MSEHPA.
The MSEHPA enables governors to declare the equivalent of martial law in the event of a "health emergency," but instead of the army, governors and public-health officials are in charge.
The MSEHPA riled so many people that a second, supposedly less incendiary draft was released a few months after the first.
shortcoming of the MSEHPA, as it pertains to physicians, is that it
drafting the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) under the
According to MSEHPA authors Lawrence Gostin et al, there "may be a need to exercise powers over individuals to avert a significant threat to the public's health ...
The required participation of health care professionals under the MSEHPA, however, differs significantly from the conditions under which health care professionals are asked to subvert their own interests in being vaccinated against smallpox prior to an outbreak.
Critics attack MSEHPA as if it had been proposed in a regulatory vacuum.
MSEHPA has been developed using an open and deliberative process.