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This is a question not confined to "true conflicts;" it is a question also where the different regimes provide norms that are equivalent, in other words, the case of multi-sourced equivalent norms (MSEN), discussed below.
Where the encroachment is not serious, there is a presumption of equivalence among the different regimes (a case of MSEN) that facilitates deference.
In our view, a method borrowed from conflict of laws appears particularly fruitful for MSEN, because the problem addressed by MSEN is familiar in that field.
MSEN exist both within and between sub-systems of international law.
One example for the treatment of MSEN can be found in Art.
4(c) of the Chile-EU FTA with its special regime for MSEN. Here, the otherwise necessary connection between rule and context is given up.
This example suggests more generally that, at least for some types of MSEN, a conflict-of-laws approach may be appropriate.