MSERManufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (UK)
MSERMulti-Service Edge Router
MSERMaximally Stable Extremal Region
MSERMorphine Sulfate Extended-Release (chronic pain medication)
MSERMean Systolic Ejection Rate
MSERManagement System Evaluation Review
MSERMasters of Science in Economic Research (University of North Texas)
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The MSER algorithm looks for a series of thresholds, so the output of the detector is not a binary image but a series of nested regions.
To verify the accuracy of the image coordinates acquired by the MSER, they were measured by manual reading and subsequently the results were compared.
The region based analysis was done based on hand shape descriptors and MSER features and the obtained results are shown in Table I.
The watershed transform, an ultrametric contour map (UCM) [26]; the Felzenszwalb's method [27]; the MSER detector [6]; or any other method can be used to build a hierarchical representation.
Other approaches use for example Heat-Kernel-Signatures [19] or maximally stable extremal regions (MSER) [18] to detect features.
Since Mikolajczyk and Schmid (28) identified the maximally stable extremal region(MSER) algorithm as the best affine invariant detector in many cases, this letter focuses on two methods to design an improved robust affine invariant feature detector.
We report the percentage of firms (in the sample) for whom the ratio MSER [equivelant to] [MSE.sup.C] / [MSE.sup.D] is greater and less than one, and the t-statistic for the difference in the corresponding number of firms.
John Su mser, chief executive of IBN:InterBizNet (, a consulting firm to the online recruiting industry, estimates that in 1998 there were 100,000 sites with some job listings or information (reported in Internet World, April 13, 1998).
However, the book could have used some careful editing: there are mis-spellings, the terms "MSer" and "victim" are used and there is too much emphasis on diet and allergy and their possible connection to MS.