MSETMember of the Society for Education and Training (UK)
MSETMultivariate State Estimation Technique
MSETMaster of Science in Engineering Technology (education)
MSETMississippi Enterprise for Technology, Inc. (John C. Stennis Space Center; US NASA)
MSETMaintenance Standardization and Evaluation Team
MSETMulti-Sensor Exploitation Testbed
MSETMulti Serve Education Trust (education service; Auckland, New Zealand)
MSETMilitary Skills Engagement Trainer
MSETMissile Standardization, Evaluation, and Training
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Because of the nonnormal distribution of trail-making scores in both raw (TMT A, TMT B) and derived measures (TMT B/A, TMT B --A) and in the Modified Six Elements Test (MSET), transformation was applied before further analysis to render this data suitable for parametric analysis.
let support (p) return the support of p for i = 1 to [absolute value of (Mset)] do support (p) [left arrow] support (p) + Lap (k / [[epsilon].sub.2]) end for return Mset 3.3 Privacy analysis and utility analysis
STEM outreach programs are designed to help keep a steady stream of new students flowing through buildings like NACC's MSET Center, with the eventual result of more students entering the workforce in STEM-related fields.
Apos estudos de reologia adicionou-se, na proporcao de 2,1% do peso do material, o Mset superplastificante com o intuito de melhorar a trabalhabilidade.
"We have a [computer] language that allows customisation specialists on the MSET desk to carefully control and orchestrate our institutional algo plant.
MSET offers Direct Market Access (DMA) on the Mexican Futures Exchange (MexDer) as well.
(SDT), a privately-held telecom infrastructure service company, with corporate offices in Brookhaven, MS, and operations in 35 states, has partnered with Mississippi Enterprise for Technology (MsET), located at Stennis Space Center, MS.
In it's 20th year of operation, the Mississippi Enterprise for Technology (MSET) is conducting a unique project that will result in a "roadmap" of STEM employment in South Mississippi, starting with a survey of Stennis Space Center in Hancock County.
Multivariate State Estimation Techniques (MSET) [30] is a nonlinear, nonparametric modeling method that was originally developed by Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) for high-sensitivity proactive fault monitoring applications in commercial nuclear power applications.
The Math, Science, Engineering and Technology (MSET) Consortium was created, whose mission is "No grow and maintain a diversified, progressive, technical workforce through high-quality math, science, engineering and technology education programs and strong community partnerships." Working closely with the AVUHSD and providing more specific educational opportunities to create "home-grown" engineers and technicians, the hope was that more students would stay to permanently staff open STEM positions, thereby contributing to local economic prosperity.
It will be available to all electronic trading clients in the region, and allows traders to automatically switch an order between several different Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading (MSET) algorithms depending on market conditions, time or quantity executed.