MSFBMagnetically Stabilized Fluidized Bed
MSFBMedecins Sans Frontieres Belgium (French: Doctors Without Borders Belgium)
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As described above, mSFB and rSFB have stringent host-specificity regarding adhesion to epithelial cells and immune stimulation.
Although the whole genome sequences of both rSFB and mSFB have been determined, the candidate genes responsible for the host-specificity have not been deduced as yet.
General features of the whole genome and possible functional gene candidates of mSFB and rSFB * Genome G+C Number of size content CDSs rRNA tRNA CRI- Propha- (bp) (%) operons genes SPRS ges mSFB 1,586,397 28 1420 5 38 3 2 rSFB 1,515,556 28 1346 5 39 1 0 Flagellin genes mSFB FliC1 to FliC3 rSFB FliC1 to FliC4 * Modified from ref.